Sunday, January 9, 2011

The problem with talking about the brains

Some things have been written about the two brains, and some, like Betty Edwards' book, have caught on for a short time, but then we tend to put the matter aside.  Why is that?  What could be more important than understanding how our brains work and how they affect and are affected by our lives.

The answer is quite simple: most of our verbal communication and much of our conscious attention is mediated by the left brain, and the left brain doesn't like the conversation because the truth seems threatening to it.  I hope your left brain doesn't take offense at what I write so you can keep reading.  If you keep reading, your left brain will find that I am not attempting to bypass or denigrate the left brain but help it find its place in concert with the right brain.

How can I write about the brains hemispheres honestly?   I'm largely ambidextrous.  I write with my left hand, but use a fork with my right.  I throw left handed, but I bat right-handed.  In other words, I'm a mess, and that may be what it takes to write about this subject.

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